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    Rajat specialises in all aspects of energy market design and regulation, including competition analysis for litigation purposes. He has advised a diverse range of clients, from government, regulatory and policy-making institutions to individual energy businesses and industry associations on issues arising in access regulation (including network pricing and electricity ‘smart’ meters), market rule changes, cost-benefit analysis and competition evaluation.

    For example, he has assisted the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) on a number of reviews of the National Electricity Market (NEM), including the AEMC’s Congestion Management Review, Power of Choice Review and Review of Climate Change Impacts. He also assisted the AEMC on the development of its initial transmission network pricing rules and its analysis of the Snowy region boundary Rule change proposals. Rajat has been a long-time trusted advisor to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) on the development of cost-benefit tests for electricity network investments and the analysis of network businesses’ expenditures. In addition, Rajat has been a frequent advisor to the Australian National Generators’ Forum (NGF), preparing and presenting analysis and reports on NEM Rule change proposals. For example, Rajat provided comprehensive responses on behalf of the NGF to the AEMC’s Optional Firm Access proposals.

    In New Zealand, Rajat has advised the Electricity Commission and Authority on several occasions on transmission pricing arrangements and cost-benefit tests. He also recently advised New Zealand energy businesses on transmission pricing and the ‘NZ Power’ single-buyer proposal. Recently, Rajat advised the Energy Networks Association on changes to the Default Price-quality Path (DPP) network regulatory arrangements. He has also advised government and private clients in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia.

    Rajat is a founding member of Frontier Economics and is a qualified solicitor, as well as a trained economist.

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