Jo RyanEconomist

    Jo is an experienced economist who provides clear and concise advice to governments, regulators and businesses on market, regulatory, policy and competition issues across a range of sectors.

    While able to apply her knowledge across different industries, Jo has particular expertise in the areas of wholesale energy market design and implementation, energy market regulation, strategic and transactions advice and market structure and competition, reflecting her experience as an economist and investment banker. Her clients include the Energy Market Authority of Singapore, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Australian Energy Markets Commission, the National Water Commission, Governments, and regulators, along with private sector clients.

    Jo has a B. Comm (Hons Ec.) from the University of Melbourne, and has recently completed a Masters of Public Policy and Management from Monash University.

    Jo relocated to Melbourne from Singapore at the beginning of 2018 and is working her way through the best coffee spots in town.

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