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Fulvio BondiolottiEconomist

Fulvio is a member of Frontier’s econometrics team. He applies statistical techniques, critical thinking, and common sense to solve economic problems for clients including governments, lawyers and businesses.

These analyses and modelling techniques are tailored to the issue under investigation and the client’s needs and priorities. They span from trend extrapolations to fitting of panel data models with random effects, from estimation of standard errors to testing for unit roots. In particular, Fulvio has carried out a number of demand and forecast analyses for the utility sector.

Fulvio has strong credentials in economics and statistics and is proficient in computer programming, which means our clients can expect rigorous and effective analysis.

He holds a MSc degree in Economic and Social Sciences from Bocconi University and a BSc degree in Mathematics from Bicocca University, both awarded cum laude. He completed a number of international academic exchanges during his university studies.

Before joining Frontier, he collaborated with the Statistics Division of the United Nations ESCAP in Bangkok. He (still) believes that he can change the world for the better.


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