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Chern Yuen LimEconomist

    Chern Yuen works mainly with government agencies and corporations across a range of industries, solving some of their most pressing problems using economic principles.

    Usually based in the Singapore office of Frontier Economics, Chern Yuen is currently on secondment to the office in Sydney.  Chern Yuen has advised regulators and businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand across a range of sectors, including energy, water, telecommunications, transport and agriculture. His experience includes market design, market modelling, performance benchmarking, competition reviews, and regulatory advice. Chern Yuen provides clients with clear and independent economic analysis and strong quantitative modelling skills.

    Chern Yuen’s project experience has been wide and varied. In particular, he has advised Singapore’s National Climate Change Secretariat on the estimation of effective carbon prices applicable in various jurisdictions and sectors, conducted operating expenditure benchmarking for Energy Queensland, assessed the economic and social impact of Telenor in Asia, and reviewed New Zealand’s Dairy Industry Restructuring Act on behalf of the Ministry for Primary Industries.

    Chern Yuen completed his BA in Economics and Management at the University of Oxford in 2015.

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