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    Anna is an economist who specialises in network regulatory issues. She currently heads up the transport practice and during her time at Frontier she has worked for companies, regulators and policy makers predominately in the water and transport sectors. Anna has significant experience in assessing and developing structural regulatory reforms and access pricing regimes to enable private sector participation. She has also applied economics to help solve a variety of policy questions such as how to improve the way roads are funded, how best to control train drivers’ hours of work and prioritise spending on Environmental research and development.

    Anna has worked at Frontier in both Australia and Europe. This gives her clients easy access to international experience and enables the insights and lessons learned from other sectors to inform her clients’ strategies.

    Prior to joining Frontier, Anna was an Acting Director in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) where she helped develop the rules governing Australia’s water markets. She also worked in the transport and prices oversight branch at the ACCC.

    Anna loves to spend time at the beach with her family, mostly waiting for a wave.


    Anna’s Australian experience includes providing advice to the Heavy Vehicle Charging and Investment project directorate (a COAG initiative) on reforms to the way roads are funded.

    She also recently advised the National Transport Commission on the development of National Rail Safety Laws and evaluated the performance of programs aimed at improving learner drivers on behalf of the TAC and VicRoads.

    Her experience at Frontier (Europe) included managing projects for a UK based water supply company looking at the implications of reforms to the UK water licensing regime; and for the UK water regulator Ofwat, which explored how regulation may need to change as competition emerges in some parts of the supply chain.


    Anna’s Australian experience includes co-authoring a report for the National Water Commission that examined the social, economic, and environmental impacts of water trading in the Murray Darling Basin. She also recently assisted State Water with develop its regulatory submission to the ACCC and reviewed the demand forecasts of Victorian water businesses on behalf of the Essential Services Commission Victoria.

    Her experience at Frontier (Europe) included co-authoring two independent reports commissioned by the European based airline easyJet which explored whether and how airports should be regulated.

    She has also co-authored a report for HSBC which explored the links between water and growth and the importance of good water resource management for the world’s economy.

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