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Andrew HarphamDirector

    Andrew has over 10 years experience as an economic consultant, primarily advising clients on the economics of the energy sector.

    Andrew’s work in the energy sector focuses on understanding and forecasting outcomes in wholesale energy markets. This work has been for a number of different purposes, including retail price regulation, assessing energy security outcomes and advising on energy market reform and restructuring. Andrew’s work increasingly involves the analysis of gas market outcomes using Frontier’ model WHIRLYGAS.

    Andrew joined Frontier in 2005, having previously worked as an economist in the competition group of law firm Freehills. He became an executive director of Frontier Economics Pty Ltd in 2014. He currently spends weekend time mountain-bike riding (and falling off).

    Legal & Competition

    Andrew specialises in providing advice to lawyers and their clients on legal and competition issues, particularly where these interface with the energy sector.

    Andrew has worked closely with lawyers to advise on the competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions, to develop, interpret and apply long-term contracts in energy markets, and in support of a number of commercial disputes and judicial reviews.

    Prior to joining Frontier, Andrew worked as an economist at Freehills. The focus of his work there was the economic issues associated mergers and acquisitions.

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