Frontier understand that with the growing complexity in intellectual property issues across the world, there are a range of intellectual property issues that interface with economics.


Valuing IP Rights

When parties cannot agree on the value of rights under the Copyright Act, they may apply to the Copyright Tribunal to determine the price that would be a fair price between the parties. The fair price may be determined with the use of comparators or by modelling a hypothetical bargain that would occur between the parties to the dispute.

The breadth of our work includes assessing the relevance of alternative comparators, estimating the value generated by a right and modelling the outcomes of a hypothetical bargain.

Some of our work

We assisted the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Limited (PPCA) in valuing the use by fitness centres of recorded music in exercise classes – and in determining what proportion of that value should accrue to PPCA as a licence fee.

We advised New South Wales Land and Property Information (LPI), who have to pay surveyors a licence fee each time a land plan is reproduced, on the value of these licences when the matter was in the Australian Copyright Tribunal.

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