Not all contractual disputes end well but high quality support – especially the quantification of gains or losses – can resolve disputes effectively.


Resolving contractual disputes

Our expertise in economics, market analysis, finance, and statistical and econometric techniques means that we can provide such support. This could be through litigation, arbitration or other resolutions.

We support clients by providing strategic advice in high stakes legal processes and producing defensible, evidence-based and economically sound figures to support the negotiation or litigation. Our experience spans royalty and tax disputes, commercial litigation and tort damages, as well as breaches of competition law and assessment of competition damages.

We have applied our quantitative skills in a number of diverse disputes, ranging from:

  • analysis of losses due to anti-competitive behaviour in packaging, pharmaceuticals and aviation
  • estimation of the appropriate escalator for use in coal and gas supply contracts
  • determining where liability should fall in a large force majeure event in the energy sector.

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