Sometimes clients are facing specific sector issues or have particular economic and financial modelling problems. Our model development expertise allows us to build bespoke models to shine a light on particular issues for our clients.


Shining a light – customising our approach

We have a model design philosophy that we apply systematically and with great success both internally and for numerous clients. We can also draw on the core economic frameworks of our existing models, and modify or augment them to address a particular economic problem. Outputs of this approach range from customised, stand-alone Excel models right up to centralised, client-server, integrated modelling systems that can be used by dozens of people simultaneously anywhere in the world. Our tools are robust and integrated from front to back end, avoiding messy add-ons and retro fitted features.

In the course of building high quality modelling systems that meet our own and client’s needs over more than a decade, Frontier has refined a design philosophy and approach to project management that ensures that our tools:

  • meet all functional requirements
  • are easy to use
  • minimise the opportunity for error
  • are developed with a large amount of feedback from users of the systems
  • get delivered on time and on budget.

The key to achieving these outcomes stems from our development process and the wealth of experience that can be incorporated into the tools we build.

Our approach is user focused

We first work out what the users of the model want and then plan to ensure delivery of the defined structure and features. This ensures that our clients receive the right modelling tools, and are able to use them to support their decision making.

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